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Did you know we provide a full Consultancy Service?

Plunkett Associates are here to support you and your manufacturing requirements at whatever level. Therefore, if required we undertake:

1) design work, utilising our experience to ensure economic process/quantity selection;

2) manufacturing analysis to find the best sourcing options, be it UK or Far East, and to ensure that the optimal processes are being invoked for each component; and

3) project management to keep your project on track.


In addition to our own in-house team, we have long-term relationships with Industrial Designers to handle major design projects and bring additional expertise to a development program.

Through this relationship we still contribute to the manufacturing methodology that is ‘designed in’ and will frequently undertake the prototyping and subsequent production.

These relationships allow us to ensure the optimal skill sets are always available based on the nature and demands of each individual project.

Manufacturing AnalysisManufacturing Analysis

Deciding on the optimal method of manufacture can prove challenging.

With our network of suppliers we can put together fully costed options through a variety of manufacturing routes. So if you are unsure whether you should be looking at die-casting or injection moulding, MIM or investment casting, come and talk to us.

This is a stand alone service designed to supply the information necessary to help ease product development, without any obligation to use our manufacturing services to implement the outcome. 

Project ManagementProject Management

Project managing the development of a new product will have its ups and downs, whether it is a relatively simple mechanical assembly or a complex combination of electronics, mouldings, printing and packaging that all need to come together in the right place at the right time!

Whilst we predominantly manage our clients projects through our own supply network, there are occasions when we are asked to supply this as a service, working with existing suppliers or a combination of existing suppliers and our own supply network.

If you are looking for support with your latest project, or would like to discuss options for potential future programs and think any of the above services would be of interest, please contact us directly for a meeting.

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