Material data for those who want it

Technical Data Sheets

The variety of materials available for injection moulding is huge and we will help with material selection where we can. Alternatively, if you know the exact grade you want then please contact us directly. The datasheets listed below are just some of the polymers we handle on a regular basis, particularly relevant if you are seeking a small number of parts as it can avoid the need to source 25kgs of material.

Unfilled Polymer

Name Colour Reference Link
Capiline PP Natural SR50
Chimei ASA Natural PW957
Chimei FR-ABS White PA765
LG ABS Natural HI121
LG ABS Natural AF366A
LG ASA Natural LI911

Flexible Parts

Name Colour Reference Link
Kraiburg 30 Shore A Black TC3GPZ
Kraiburg 40 Shore A Black TC4FRZ
Kraiburg 40 Shore A Black TC4GPZ
Kraiburg 60 Shore A Black TC6GPZ
Kraiburg 40 Shore A Natural TM4LTF
Kraiburg 50 Shore A Natural TM5LTF
Kraiburg 60 Shore A Black TP6LDZ

Filled Polymer

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Name Colour Reference Link
Polyram GFW 30% Black BRV30BK

Clear Parts

Name Colour Reference Link
Chimei PC Wonderlite Clear PC110
Chimei PC Wonderlite Clear PC110U
LG PMMA Clear IF850
Makrolon PC Clear 2407
Makrolon PC Clear 2458