Prototyping and Production by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

DMLS (or Laser Cusing) is an additive process, suitable for prototyping & manufacturing of metal parts with highly complex or feature rich designs.


Functional prototypes and low volume production parts

DMLS is rapidly gaining long overdue acceptance and credibility due to it’s ability to produce highly complex, accurate parts in a competitive time frame. Consequently, metal sintering is often used to produce complicated functional prototypes and low volume production parts.

The DMLS process is similar to the laser sintering of plastics, but works with a variety of metal powders. Parts are constructed additively,  sintering powdered metal one layer at a time using a powerful fiber optic laser. As a result, strong, durable metal parts are produced directly from 3D CAD data without the need for tooling.

We are currently able to produce DMLS parts in maraging steel, 17-4 SS, 316L SS, cobalt chrome, aluminium, titanium and inconel.

Plunkett Associates have been using DMLS for many years as a tool particularly within the medical and dental sectors, as well as defense, aerospace and automotive industries.DMLS

Ideal for small, highly complex, accurate parts

Costs are defined by the size of the part rather than the complexity, therefore metal sintering is ideal for small prototypes or production parts which require geometries that cannot be manufactured by other methods. Features such as complex channels and other internal geometries; parts within parts, such as interlinking chains, can all be manufactured through our DMLS service.

Timescales are around the 2 week mark. However, bear in mind, that issues such as required tolerances and surface finish impact orientation, and thus it is advantageous to supply a control drawing with the CAD data to ensure no production delays. It may be worth looking at our article, What surface finish options are there for DMLS parts? 

There are limitations to be aware of, slow build speed, restriction of build volumes to 250 x 250 x 150mm (although bigger machines are on the way), and the fact that support structures are required. Unlike Stereolithography (SLA) these can be difficult to remove and require the geometry to permit access.DMLS

Part geometry must be designed for the process

To really extract the benefit from metal sintering, the part geometry needs to be designed with the process in mind, and not transplanted from another manufacturing technique. However, unless DMLS is being viewed as a production technique (RM), this is seldom the case, and compromises are required.

This is where Plunkett Associates knowledge and experience can help. We can help with either DMLS prototyping or production. Plus we have relevent in house software, which lets us analyse geometry for optimal results. Out article CNC versus DMLS may help too.

We can help you optimise your DMLS parts, so get in touch today!

“Thanks to Plunkett Associates flexible, bespoke and cost effective service I was able to produce the objects I had in mind”

Simon Ryder, Artist

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  • Plunkett Associates worked on the design and production of titanium frames for an artificial heart valve where precision and consistency was paramount. Communications were efficient and productive with concepts readily incorporated into the final design, and suggestions for improvements all highly appropriate. The quality of the end product was ideal and I have no doubt that I will use the advice and expertise of Plunkett Associates again.
    David Wheatley, Wheatley Research Ltd
  • “Doing business with you has been an absolute pleasure. You have made my goals a reality. You have been patient, helpful and above all, responsive. Best service that I have experienced in ages. I consider Plunkett Associates to be an integral part of my business plan moving forward.”
    Jet Cooper, Sculptor
  • Thanks for the present that arrived this morning, as promised. Parts look first class, as always.
    Jon Todd, Design Manager, PHS Group
  • Plunketts developed a solution that met our precision requirements at a cost significantly lower than alternative manufacturing approaches we had investigated
    Nick Skaer, CEO, Orthox Ltd
  • Plunkett Associates have excellent breadth of experience, work with high quality partners and have a flexibility that we have found enables challenges to be met successfully, cost effectively and in a timely manner.
    Nick Skaer, CEO, Orthox Ltd
  • Interestingly, people who look at it in its own right with little knowledge of what it does, just like it! It’s tactile and it looks good…
    Tim Collings, Operations Director, Troika Systems Ltd
  • To create such a consistent quality finish in chrome was an amazing achievement and the prototypes really gave our stand the wow factor.
    James Clark, Group Commercial Director, The Airdri Group
  • I can’t recommend Tim and his team highly enough. We ended up with a design which can be produced and assembled quickly, efficiently and reliably, in volumes that make sense
    Simon Leggett, Director, Olivewood Technology
  • Kirintec were thrilled with Plunketts. They made a complex process simple and we were just amazed at the lead times achieved. Plus, every single deadline was met without any drama.
    Penny While, Marketing Director, Kirintec
  • Plunkett Associates truly offer a complete turnkey solution with Speed, Effectiveness and Precision.
    David Harden, Director, Enica Ltd
  • Thanks to Plunkett Associates flexible, bespoke and cost effective service I was able to produce the objects that I had originally had in mind.
    Simon Ryder, Artist
  • Plunkett Associates have a fantastic supply chain, work with all sorts of production processes and will always do their utmost to solve a problem.
    Naim Audio
  • We always know exactly what we’re getting and we know we won’t be let down on quality, price or lead times.
    Mark Williams, Research and Development Director, Johnson Safety Products
  • "With their simple to understand language, willingness to go the extra mile and approachability, Plunkett Associates were a great partner for our company. We couldn’t be happier with the results of our project. (A working prototype that they got right first time, by the way). Thank you!"
    Carolina Ballon-Forrester, Director, Kittyrama Ltd
  • “We use Plunkett Associates because we want someone we can trust, that knows what they’re talking about, has all the contacts, will provide reliable advice and feedback and will get the right result for us.”
    Jim Copestick. Design Manager, Thorlux Lighting
  • “Accuracy, finish and delivery all first class.”
    Andrew Peters, JMDA Ltd
  • “We were really surprised at how quickly they turned round such a high quality prototype and the parts certainly proved their worth. They were of high enough quality to provide a fantastic visual representation and to undergo rigorous testing."
    Stuart Wilson, Design Director, TRT Lighting
  • "Tim's experience, expertise and supplier base have been fundamental to us getting this project off the ground."
    Sam Pearce, Jelly Products Ltd
  • Plunkett associates always find a solution. Whatever we need to prototype, they have a great grasp on the technologies available, costs and lead-times so we get the right solution tailored to the project needs. Have always delivered and never let us down.
    Naim Audio

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