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How do I create the WOW factor with my exhibition models?

Why is it so important that exhibition models are not only visually stunning, but also give the impression of a fully productionised product? Because first impressions really do count!

Visual impressions count

Research shows that we make an initial visual impression in about one tenth of a second and that first impression stays with us throughout all future interaction – whether it is an impression of another person or a product.  We take a look at how to create the WOW factor with your exhibition models.

Exhibition modelsSo how can you make sure your product launch has the ‘WOW’ factor and gives an impressive first impression? That’s simple. Talk to us. At Plunkett Associates we have a successful track record of producing stunning models for exhibitions and product launches, against critical and often quite tight time lines.

We utilise all the methods at our disposal from additive manufacturing to sheet metal and cnc machining, to create the form conceived in the design phase. Once complete the form is then dressed, polished, painted, plated, and/or printed to give the desired aesthetic.

A working product ahead of production release

The results are striking and to all but the most expert eye, give the impression of a fully productionised product. Depending on the application these models may be assembled with the associated electronics, motors and connectors to provide a working product, way ahead of production release.

Some might argue that this is smoke and mirrors and is deceiving potential customers. However, faced with significant production costs, most companies go this route in order to obtain positive feedback and even preliminary orders.High cosmetic model

Market research opportunities

Exhibition models are also useful for other applications, such as market research. Here experience shows that it is very important to emulate the final product as closely as possible. Months of design work can be overlooked if, for example, the colour or texture of a part is wrong.

We worked on a series of exhibitions model hand dryers for Airdri’s product launch at Interclean in Amsterdam. The chrome plated finish on the dryers was stunning and really gave the Airdri stand the WOW factor. You can find out more here.

For high quality cosmetic models, be they for an exhibition or other event, please call Plunkett Associates - we get things made!

Related Processes

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is the second most commonly used process after Stereolithography (SLA). SLS parts can be produced with high functionality in very short lead times.

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CNC Machining

The benefits of CNC parts include substantial flexibility in material choice, high accuracy and repeatability.

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Stereolithography (SLA)

Produces accurate 3D models with a range of material choices. High Res SLA and Micro SLA for smaller parts.

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3D Printing

Offering one of the largest ranges of materials, Polyjet can produce hard, flexible and multi material parts.

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Metal Plating

Metal Plating offers some exciting possibilities both in Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing arenas.

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Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is suitable for both low and high volume applications. The higher the volume the higher the tooling costs.

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