Low Volume

Low Volume

Whilst many companies view low quantities as a nuisance, they represent our staple diet!

Low volume production part additively manufacturedGrowing demand for low batch production

Increased levels of customisation and the ever increasing number of niche products being released to the market are two of the reasons behind a growing demand for low volume manufacture. (LVM)

Many companies are not structured to economically process low quantities. It may be the set-up times, programming time or even staffing levels that make this work unattractive, but the results are the same. If you are seeking low volume production components, it is important to match the supplier to the task.

At Plunkett Associates we are not only structured to handle low volume production but we have spent a great deal of time and effort to adapt various technologies to be more cost effective in this area. The most significant of these is our work with injection mould tooling. The process has much to offer and a significant range of materials, if only the upfront tooling costs could be reduced!

Low volume selective laser sintered production partInjection moulding as low as 20 off

So this is what we have done, not only structuring our tooling into four bands, but targeting each band with a view to a cost and lead-time target. We now injection mould on a regular basis from quantities as low as 20 and compete with the more common vacuum casting options at this price point.

In other areas such as CNC Machining, we carefully match quantities to suppliers. Knowing the skills of our suppliers lets us consistently offer you a high quality part at an attractive price point.

Never content, we are always searching for new ways to tackle manufacturing issues and relish distorting the accepted norms to deliver attractive solutions.

With a wide range of manufacturing options at our disposal we are also well placed to highlight the different options based on different quantities. In the early stages of a product launch, when sales volumes are uncertain, this can help in the investment/unit price decision process.

low volume injection mould car grillDesign for Manufacture

Then there is always the issue of ‘design for manufacture’. Ensuring that the design is optimised for the manufacturing route selected is time consuming. That said, we know our processes and can either guide you through any changes necessary, or undertake the work on your behalf.

When you are ready (and it can never be too early) please give us a call or upload your enquiry here.

We are ready, able and as excited as you are to be a part of taking your product to market!