Manufacturing is only one part of the process. Post manufacture options are just as important to create the perfect finished part and must be considered early on as an intrinsic part of the process.

Vacuum cast cosmetic production part

Post-manufacture options

At Plunkett Assopciates, we can provide a whole raft of options for post-manufacture, which may include the addition of inserts, screen printing, painting, polishing or protective coatings such as anodizing. Specifically, machined parts may be manually dressed smooth, left natural, primed, powder coated or painted as required.

Then we stop dealing at the component level and start to look at the sub-assembly or assembly level.

Assembly and test facilities available

Plunkett Associates can offer assembly and test facilities if quantities are such that this is not to be done in-house.

This can prove very attractive if the componentry is being manufactured in the Far East, and allows the unit to be imported in an optimum condition for distribution.

If part manufacture is taking place in the UK, we can arrange for similar services to be made available with the potential to include electronics, right through to final packaging.

Final assemblyQuality Assurance a priority

Any work of this type requires a well documented approach, with agreed testing regimes and Quality Assurance objectives. This will require input from the client to establish suitable procedures, but once completed can streamline the manufacturing and assembly operations.

As the range of options is so diverse, if there are additional services that would assist in your product development process, then please do not hesitate to discuss these with us. We are here to help!

When you are ready, and it can seldom be too early, please give us a call or upload your enquiry here. We are ready, able and as excited as you to be part of taking your product to market!