The solution is Vacuum casting...

Vacuum cast polyurethane gives outstanding cosmetic finish.

Plastic production part that looks metallic!!

Vacuum cast cosmetic production partRequirements

Troika Systems had been producing a functional part in red anodised aluminium, but wanted to replace it with an alternative, more cost effective part. The main challenge was to find a material and finish that would replicate the part’s colour and high quality metallic appearance.


Producing the part in plastic would offer a more cost effective price point, so we sent samples of the original to our supplier in China to see if they could colour match the red into the resin.

Vacuum cast high cosmetic exhibition modelThe part was produced by vacuum casting polyurethane in a red resin which allowed the paint finish to be as high quality as possible. The pseudo-anodised finish was superb and completed with logo printing to produce an outstanding cosmetic production part.

Tim Collings, Operations Director of Troika Systems Ltd said,

“They really did have WOW factor - they were/are absolutely perfect! The quality and appearance was fantastic.”

"Interestingly, people who look at it in its own right with little knowledge of what it does, just like it! It’s tactile and it looks good…”