The solution is CNC machining...

CNC Machining provides a beautiful clear acrylic part.

Hand polished acrylic for high level clarity.


Andrew Coomber, a professional artist and craftsman, was commissioned to design and create a ceremonial mace for the first Harper Adams University Chancellor, HRH The Princess Royal. Mr Coomber approached Plunkett Associates for help in producing a particular element of the mace - the clear part representing both engineering and water. 


The gear was CNC machined from acrylic and then hand polished to achieve a very high level of optical clarity.

Watch a video of Mr Coomber working on the mace here


The finished mace was first used on the 22nd November 2013 when the Princess Royal was installed as Chancellor at Harper Adams University. It symbolises the growth and development of people, animals and plants.

Andrew Coomber was delighted with the finished article and said the part Plunkett Associates played in the formation of the mace was key, as the clear acrylic piece was “the heart that holds the whole thing together.”

Clear polished part for mace

Andrew’s comment summed up the attention to detail that he and Plunkett Associates had worked so hard on together to ensure the perfect part was created.

"Bevel gear safely delivered today - FANTASTIC JOB."