New UK Tooling and Moulding provides a local production solution for client

British manufacturing supports flexible moulding options for local lighting company

Plunkett’s provide a local production solution with new UK tooling

TRT Lighting Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies energy efficient, environmentally friendly performance lighting products for the road, tunnel and exterior lighting markets.

TRT Lighting LtdAs a long-standing supplier of parts and prototypes into TRT through both UK and Far Eastern suppliers for many years, we continually explore alternative options to see if there are better ways to manufacture parts. With a constantly evolving marketplace driven by technological advances, global economics and of course Covid, costs can fluctuate significantly.

UK Tooling and Moulding Capacity 

In this case we were able to look at a historical call off pattern, ever increasing shipping costs and a rapidly expanding UK capability to both tool and mould and hence build a proposal for TRT to manufacture a new tool and subsequent moulding through our sister company, Adept PrecisionInjection Moulded production parts

The advantages to the client were indisputable, with a dramatic reduction in component ‘miles’, a shorter more responsive supply chain, and a reduction to the vagaries of exchange rates.

As a result, earlier this year a new steel production tool was manufactured in the UK.

Advantages of being Made in Britain

With the work being carried out in house, TRT could be kept informed of progress every step of the way and with T1’s signed off soon after the tool was made, production could commence. 

TRT have been delighted with the results!

“Having a proactive supply chain partner actively looking to help improve both the quality of product and the services provided is a breath of fresh air. We consistently receive a professional service and a high quality of product from Plunkett’s; no matter how big or small the job is!”

Rob Waters, Technical Director, TRT Lighting LtdInjection moulding plastic parts

Supporting global sustainability

The advantage of having a local manufacturer, easy communication, and the potential to hold stock to be called off whenever required all cited as benefits; this is even before factoring in the enormously reduced shipping distances that helps to support global sustainability, a key feature of our client’s mission statement.

We are delighted to be able to offer British manufacturing solutions to clients, that in today’s turbulent economy contributes to greater manufacturing security.

Contact us if you are considering a UK manufacturing option and we will be happy to discuss options with you.