The solution is injection moulding...

Injection Moulding wins hands down for multiple production parts.

China moulds in just 2 weeks!

Parts injection moulded in ChinaRequirements

Plunkett Associates has been working with Swedish based SenTAG to help with the production of its new pool safety system.

The system incorporates a wristband worn by swimmers, which sends out an ultrasonic alarm signal to a receiver when a preset depth and time has been exceeded. This then raises an alarm.

SenTAG needed help producing both components – the wristband and receiver box.

Injection moulded production partsSolution

Plunkett Associates worked closely with the safety system’s designers at Crucible Industrial Design and with the team at SenTAG. Capitalising on our experience, SenTAG allowed us to take the lead and advise on appropriate materials and processes for the manufacture of the parts.  

Injection moulding was used to make three component parts - coloured lenses, an inner piece for the wristband and the receiver unit box frame.

Moulded in China, the lead times were quick, with the first parts delivered in just two weeks and the others only a week later.

The result is a small, lightweight, yet robust wristband and unobtrusive stylish receiver that SenTAG has now launched onto the market.