Die Casting proves viable for small batch runs.

Making the switch from prototyping to production, and the Far East to the UK

LoopwheelsJelly Products “reinvented the wheel” and launched their first unique bike wheel over 4 years ago. As a result of the huge success of their Loopwheels commuter bikes, they have now launched a wheelchair model, allowing wheelchair users to experience the fabulous shock absorbing suspension, providing a smoother, more comfortable ride.


We knew Sam Pearce, Designer of the Loopwheels concept and Director of Jelly Products well, through the initial design and development of the Loopwheel and the subsequent application to Kickstarter for the project.Loopwheels

He came back to us for advice recently when he wanted to adapt the design for use within a wheelchair. We needed to prototype, allow Jelly Products to test, and then subsequently be able to manufacture in small batch runs (circa 500 at a time).


There were 4 parts that Plunkett Associates were to be involved with, the largest of which was the hub. This was prototyped and is now in full production being Die Cast in aluminium, post machined and anodised in a smart grey to finish.

LoopwheelsAdditional parts are injection moulded in nylon, initially off development tooling and now off production steel tooling, all supplied by Plunkett Associates.


Plunkett Associates were able to bring injection moulding and diecasting, usually high volume processes, to bear in this low volume application with great success.

The Client:

“Working with the team at Plunketts gave me the flexibility, quality and reassurance I needed on a vital project such as this. Their advice on prototype and production tooling for our loopwheels for wheelchairs has been invaluable”.