The Solution is stereolithography...

Stereolithography (SLA) produces high cosmetic model prototype for exhibition.

Aesthetics the priority for exhibition model and SLA delivers.


Mike Ayre at Crucible Industrial Design Ltd came to Plunkett Associates needing a high cosmetic model prototype.

High cosmetic prototype partTheir client was re-branding a laptop computer to introduce a ‘games’ product line. The designers at Crucible had designed a new cover for the gaming laptop and now required an aesthetic prototype for their client. This would then be used for photographs and for market trials to demonstrate the strong visual impact of the design.


Plunkett Associates suggested using a stereolithography (SLA) process for the laptop cover to give high accuracy to detail. This was due to the clients requirements of aesthetics being the primary concern rather than function and fit.

Subsequently the model was polished, textured and painted and a logo applied to give an outstanding finish to the prototype part.

High cosmetic prototype partDelivery time for the whole process including finishes, was a mere 8 days!

The result – an outstanding, highly visual prototype part in a very quick turnaround time!

Subsequent production parts were discussed and would be produced using injection mould tooling. This process would provide the same level of high aesthetics but also give quality of function.

Price point would need to be considered depending on production volume. However Plunkett Associates were confident that the best tooling option could be found to suit the need, whatever the quantity.