The solution is CNC machining...

CNC Machined and chrome plated exhibition models.

Prototype models on time and delivering the 'wow' factor!


CNC machined exhibition modelAirdri was preparing to launch two new hand dryers, the Quazar and the Quest, at an international trade fair in Amsterdam. This was the first time the two new models would be seen in public and Airdri was keen to create a stir.

Plunkett Associates was approached with a requirement to produce high quality exhibition models in a combination of gloss white, gloss black and chrome. There would be a total of eight models of each of the two designs, serving a range of functions from performance validation to presentation in Amsterdam. Timescales were very tight and Airdri was very keen that the chrome finish be achieved by chrome plating rather than a simulated chrome finish.

Polished and dressed exhibition modelsSolution:

The first step was to confirm the ‘fit’ of all the parts, as the timescales did not allow for any assembly problems at a later date. This was achieved by fast tracking a set of Stereolithography models. These made no attempt to present a cosmetic finish and had minimal dressing so as to remain faithful to the design data. As the first physical realisation of the new designs, these models were able to validate the data and were warmly welcomed by the client.

With the clock ticking, the manufacture of the exhibition models could now commence. The form of each was cnc machined in abs and then assembled. The surfaces were dressed and painted repetitively to achieve a suitable substrate for the high gloss topcoat and chrome plate.

CNC machined exhibition modelsKnowing the importance of the models, the application of the topcoat was checked and double checked until a flawless gloss and highly reflective chrome finish was achieved. Now all that remained was to screen print the clients logo in the specified location.

In parallel several of the internal components were also cnc machined. Machining was selected over SLS as the surface finish made the parts directly usable without the need for additional surface improvement. On assembly the client was able to validate the airflow and take fully working models to the exhibition.

The parts were delivered in sufficient time to give Airdri and opportunity to check and approve the models before shipment to the show.


"The exhibition models for our new hand dryer range that Plunkett Associates produced for our product launch at Interclean in Amsterdam, were outstanding. To create such a consistent quality finish in chrome was an amazing achievement and the prototypes really gave our stand the wow factor. We couldn't have been more pleased with the end result of the service provided."

James Clark, Group Commercial Director, The Airdri Group

"To create such a consistent quality finish in chrome was an amazing achievement and the prototypes really gave our stand the wow factor."