The solution is CNC machining...

CNC machining excells giving a high quality cosmetic finish.

Accuracy and smooth surface finish a priority for prototype parts.


CNC machined prototypeThe brief from Naim for their latest project prioritised a smooth finish in order to provide a high quality cosmetic look and feel to the prototype. 

Accuracy was also key and taken straight from their CAD data.

The dimensions for the prototype were challenging with the length of the part needing to be taken into consideration for process selection on top of the cosmetic requirements. (628 x 100 x 30 mm).


Consequently the piece was CNC machined using ABS in order to get the appropriate finish.


Naim's latest product is Mu-So, a wireless music system and is now in production, available through the Apple website.

Their R & D department said on delivery: 

“Plunkett Associates always find a solution. Whatever we need to prototype, they have a great grasp on the technologies available, costs and lead-times so we get the right solution tailored to the project needs. Have always delivered and never let us down.”