Exhibition models

Exhibition models

Exhibition models are usually the ultimate cosmetic model, produced to launch a new design to the target market; they will follow many months of work in design and development.

Chrome plated cosmetic modelWhilst the level of functionality varies substantially, the common denominator is that visually, they are true representations of the new design.

Form and fit testing a requirement 

Prior to investing in this level of prototyping it is almost certain that there will have been ‘form and fit’ and functional prototypes manufactured. The design has matured and in some instances may already be in tooling, when the concept is launched.

That said, there can be an element of smoke and mirrors, showing customers a new design prior to initiating manufacture to obtain market validation before production commences.

These models are not only coloured and textured, but plated, polished, printed, and badged as required. Interfaces can be installed, for example electrical connectors and wiring looms fitted. Hydraulic pipework can be added with real or dummy fixings. The list can go on - it is all about creating that impression of a production item before the production item exists.

CNC machined exhibition modelFunctional levels may be insignificant

In most instances the level of function is limited, or handled within the electronics. Environmental extremes are reduced, as the units tend to operate within exhibition halls rather than the real world conditions that would be seen in service. This allows for a wide choice of processes and or fabrication as pertinent to the size and finishes required.

We will utilise whatever processes will create the desired effect, including Stereolithography and CNC machining, or vacuum casting if multiple copies of the same part are required. Finishes are often achieved through paint, but can also be plated, metalised or anodised as required.

CNC machined cosmetic modelA track record of working to deadlines

Above all, if the end goal is an exhibition, then these dates are fixed. At Plunkett Associates we have a track record of working to deadlines and achieving them. Working with us your new designs will be showcased, professionally and on time.

We are here to ensure that you get the best from your prototyping experience. With no vested interest in any one process, we can offer truly impartial guidance on the options, and support you all the way from initial prototypes through design approval/launch to subsequent tooling and production.

If this is what you are looking for, please give us a call or upload an enquiry here.