Design Support

Design Support

As a customer designing a new product, you may come across a multitude of questions which might fall outside of your expertise. If we are lucky enough to be working as part of a big team then our colleagues can represent an accumulation of directly relevant experience.

When they cannot help we tend to resort to the web, after all, it’s on our desktop probably closer than our colleagues!

Plunkett Associates design supportWhilst the web is great, there is almost too much information and its not always available in a form that makes it easy to access. Then we get into conflicting information.

Without all the detail it can be difficult to distinguish between two sites claiming different accuracies or material properties.

Ensuring the design is easy to manufacture

At Plunkett Associates we want to manufacture your product and given that opportunity, we would be only too pleased to support your design activities. After all we would have a vested interest in ensuring that the design was as easy to manufacture as possible.

Now working with everything from sheet metal to MIM (metal injection moulding), stereolithography to CNC machining and die casting to injection moulding, we have to admit that we may not always have the answer to hand. However, if that is the case, we have access to a significant supply base that most certainly will know the answer and will have the same vested interest in getting the design correct as we do.

Plunkett associates support for designKey issues to understand

The key issues for us to understand are the required quantities, materials, part size/complexity and aesthetic call out, as this goes a long way to defining the process. Then from the process comes the answers to all those design queries, minimum wall sections, tolerances, self colour versus paint, RFI/EMC issues etc etc.

All off this has to take place against a backdrop of cost, as no matter how idealistic we might be in generating the design, it will be the economics that govern whether the design goes forward to manufacture.

Therefore next time you are scratching your head about whether something will work, pick up the phone or contact us by email, we might just make life a bit easier!