Prototyping and Production with Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is suitable for both low and high volume applications. The higher the volume the higher the tooling costs.

Sheet Metal machine

Usually used for low volume applications

Sheet metal is commonly used in low volume production applications due to the negligible associated tooling costs.

Higher volumes can be manufactured, but would usually involve progression tooling.

Applications can include mounting, chassis, cases and RFI screws.

With the advent of Rapid Prototyping it is usually possible to source prototype mouldings faster than the sheet metal work, primarily due to the lack of dedicated prototype sheet metal suppliers.

As the technology required is very similar whether it is production or prototype, prototypes are usually run through a production shop, with the inevitable delays.

The key is finding a high quality supplier who is able to run prototype batch quantities on tight deadlines. Let Plunkett Associates do the hard work for you. We have an extensive database of suppliers who we trust and work with regularly. If you have a requirement, then get in touch with us. We can supply small batches in less than 8-10 days.

"Plunketts developed a solution that met our precision requirements at a cost significantly lower than alternative manufacturing approaches we had investigated."

Nick Skaer, Orthox Ltd