Prototyping and Production by Die Casting

Die Casting

Usually only associated with high volumes, Plunkett Associates can offer die casting as a low volume technique as well.

Die cast metal partDie Casting is a recognised production technology usually associated with high production volumes and long lead-times.

A possible prototyping option

However, unlike injection moulding there has been far less attention paid to 'rapid tooling' to meet this requirement.

The primary reason for inclusion here is that the growth of Far Eastern tooling has also provided a source of 'lower cost' tools. Here at Plunkett Associates we have spent the best part of the last 10 years building productive and professional relationships with our Chinese suppliers.

Parts available in 3 - 4 weeks

As a result, from a prototyping perspective, die casting costs can come down to challenge the more conventional alternatives and delivery can be reduced to 3 - 4 weeks.

Whilst these two issues cannot always be achieved simultaneously, and both are a function of part complexity, die casting must now be considered as a prototyping solution with the potential to also address early production requirements.

Die cast metal Production intent material

The greatest upside to using this process is that it delivers the production intent material and, once the tooling is in place, parts are available quickly and at low cost.

When considering die casting as a prototyping solution, understanding the available time and attention to the CAD model are both paramount if goals are to be met - something which Plunkett Associates can help you with.

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