CNC machined parts for Prototyping and Production

CNC Machining

The benefits of CNC parts include substantial flexibility in material choice, high accuracy and repeatability.

CNC Machining is frequently disregarded as it is considered 'old technology', but at Plunkett Associates, we know there are a number of tried and tested significant strengths. It offers the greatest flexibility in terms of materials, no size restrictions and a quantifiable level of accuracy.

CNC machiningMetal CNC Parts:

Most CNC metal parts are made from various grades of aluminium, steel, stainless steel or brass. Special grades can be obtained but may impact the delivery.

Some features, such as square cornered keyways, can be difficult to machine and may involve the use of EDM or wire erosion.

Depending on material type, fabrication is also an option and parts may be welded and dressed.

Frequently used to prototype castings, CNC machining services can offer speed advantages, especially if post machining was a requirement anyway.

CNC machiningPlastic CNC Parts:

Possibly the best way to emulate an injection moulded part, CNC machining can be offered on a wide range of materials eg ABS, PC, POM, PP, PMMA, PBT, ultem. 

Fabrication may become a necessity on large CNC parts or where cutter reach is insufficient. Most plastics can be bonded effectively (PP being an exception) and after dressing, the joint will not be noticeable.

Most plastics can be dressed and painted to offer a high class finish for exhibition or demonstration models.

CNC machiningClear CNC Parts:

PC and PMMA (acrylic) are both used for the manufacture of clear parts by CNC machining, depending on the level of clarity required, the parts are hand polished to the required standard.

Prototyping lenses and lightpipes this way offers the opportunity to evaluate the production material ahead of tooling release.

Plunkett Associates can deliver the benefits of CNC machining services at a competitive price point and in lead-times from around 5 days.

Take a look at our articles, "What are our CNC capabilities?" or "With Additive Manufacture growing in popularity, why should I consider CNC machining?" for more advice and information or talk to us today about your requirement. We'd be more than happy to help!CNC machining

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