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Plunkett Toolmakers - keeping it in the family

If ever there was a turbulent time for starting a new job this is it! But how about moving countries too? It’s certainly not been the easiest of times for our newest toolmakers, but they’ve risen to the challenge and are loving every minute of it!

Both Andy and Dylan have relocated from South Africa and are related, and yes have worked together before, and survived to tell the tale! Dylan joined us at the beginning of the year and Andy scraped in on one of the last flights before lockdown began. Both experienced toolmakers in their own right, we are delighted to have them join our team.

Plunkett Associates ToolmakersHaving been in the industry for over 30 years, Andy openly confesses to loving the unusual, the more complicated designs and the challenges that comes with that! As a proficient Solidworks user, he is used to being involved in the design process and finding solutions to ‘problem’ tools. The end result, seeing parts come off the press, is his reward for the hours spent meticulously planning and working on the tool. 

Having come from much larger toolrooms in South Africa, Dylan admits to loving the variety that we get here – and the fact that the tools are somewhat smaller and lighter! He is a dedicated problem solver, thrives on having to think on his feet and is like a dog with a bone until it is fixed! 

We are delighted to have both Andy and Dylan with us and are particularly grateful for their calm, can-do attitudes and determination to get tools up and running in record time for clients during these turbulent months. Good humoured and always with a smile, the only downside we can see is that the whole office is now addicted to Biltong…!

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