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Please welcome Joanne Hutchings

We are very pleased that Jo has joined us this month as our Manufacturing Solutions Engineer.

Jo has a degree in physics, a master's degree in medical physics and a multi-disciplinary PhD involving design engineering. 

Joanne joins PlunkettsHer role at Plunkett Associates will be a move away from her medical foundation as she will be working specifically in advancing our knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies. Jo has been using additive manufacturing methods within multiple research projects over the last 5 years and so is well qualified to be taking on this position.

Most recently she was awarded the prestigious Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Design Fellowship where she focused on 3D printing for medical applications, including evaluating new additive manufacturing methods and materials. There is only one award made every other year and so we are extremely proud of the knowledge and experience that Jo will bring to the team. 

Jo says she is excited to be facing new challenges and confesses, 'I have always had a tendency to get involved with projects involving manufacturing solutions'. Well, Plunkett Associates will certainly offer her a variety of those!


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