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New offices!

1st July and Plunkett Associates were on the move again!

Sitting still has never been something that Plunkett Associates has been very good at and as for staying stagnant, well that’s a definite no no… Increasing our knowledge of new materials, pushing the boundaries of technology and processes is something to enjoy and we definitely have a thirst for it. Getting the best solutions for our clients is our priority and of course challenges we love!

And so, growth meant we needed more space!

It was our second move in as many years, and so we were well used to packing boxes whilst keeping the day to day requirements of the office running. Luckily we weren’t going too far and so disruption was kept to a minimum. We managed to only have the computers turned off for a couple of hours so it really was business as usual!Plunkett Associates

It was with a huge sigh of relief, and a somewhat tired one, from certain members of the team, and we could finally say we were in.

It was time to celebrate, and of course it had to be chocolate cake...well they say every great army marches on it’s stomach!

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