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Need T1 Samples in 15 days?

When evaluating new designs there are some instances when the production intent material is a ‘must have’. Injection moulding is a potential solution if we tailor the type of tooling to the application.

Aluminium Tooling, MUD frames and loose inserts

Prototype and low volume quantities can be achieved relatively quickly with experienced toolmakers and moulders and by using tooling grade aluminium rather than steel. In addition, tooling can be adapted for client requirements and quantities, through standardized bolsters and loose inserts so reducing cost and manufacturing time. It may also prove viable to post machine features or threads, rather than incorporate them in the tooling.

The result equates to moulded parts in between 5 and 15 days. Part quantities can vary substantially based on project requirements, from less than 10 through over a thousand.

Depending on the application and time available, some tools will be trailed to gain client approval, in other instances the parts are inspected on press and the batch run immediately.

UK and Far East options

Over the last decade we have invested much time and effort in establishing relationships with our toolmakers and moulding suppliers both at home and in the Far East which means we are now in the enviable position of being able to offer incredible options for clients tooling and moulding requirements. 

In addition to this, 3 years ago we set up a sister company, Adept Precision, to give our clients a local UK source for tooling of outstanding quality and reliability, providing onsite trials that they could be involved in.

Excellent track record of optimising tooling solutions

We are pretty confident we are making a difference in being able to respond to clients needs and have already established a track record of optimising tooling solutions to meet specific requirements with regards to quantities, geometries and speed.

We believe the added support we offer our clients with their tooling and moulding requirements is second to none. Our specialist design support and the variety and flexibility of tooling and moulding options we are able to offer is key to successful parts and a project delivered on time and in budget.

If you have a requirement for prototype tooling or moulding and you would like to take advantage of our added value services, please contact us now for a free consultation.

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