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Guy's first month at Plunkett's...

Adjusting my eyes to the brightness of Tim’s shirts and keeping my hands off the biscuits placed unnecessarily close to the end of my desk has been the first of many successes so far, although there have been many, many more!

Plunkett Associates - Guy HoldawayAs with starting in any new job, getting up to speed can be difficult.  I have always worked closely within manufacturing but it is constantly evolving, and having just spent the last few years abroad, a jump start into where the UK and the rest of the world currently sit is very much required! 

Having our in house researchers producing design guides, and witnessing the current limits of achievable design through manufactured test pieces has been a great insight. 

Alongside that, I’ve been fortunate enough to get around for a few site visits. A big thank you goes out to everyone I have spoken to and met so far. Being able to see the manufacturing sites really opens your eyes to the detail and volumes in which we can operate; plus being able to put a face to a name and speak with familiarity is always a great commodity.  Of course there is always so much more to learn and I look forward to discussing the ins and outs with you all in the future!

On a final note, it’s reassuring to see that as Plunkett Associates grows in size, the integrity does too.  We have been interacting with the IMechE to push forward the professional accreditation of the employees and now I’m approaching the point of Chartered status. 

Also being thrown in the deep end by being kindly allocated, [read as shoved in the back], to do the first in house weekly presentation on emerging technologies, is always a real pleasure (yes I am being sarcastic there!).  That said, it’s fantastic that we have specialists and that the knowledge is not locked away but shared amongst us.

Rest assured though, I am being integrated into the team, not only by having to write in this newsletter… but apparently we’re also getting the photographer in…. look out for the new team photos on the website soon!!!  

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