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Loopwheel Update

The big news is that through Kickstarter Jelly Products reached its funding goal just 12 days into the 30 day campaign! This fantastic news means they have the funding required to take loopwheels into production.

Loopwheels prototypeRaising £40,000 was an ambitious project - but not only did Jelly Products reach its target on the 28th April, but continued to achieve 153%, raising a grand total of £61,217 by the end of the campaign.

So what happens next for the reinvented wheel? Here’s a brief timetable for those of you watching with interest:

  • June to August 2013: they will be getting production started and concentrating on fulfilling the pledge rewards placed via Kickstarter.
  • From late September or October 2013 they will be selling loopwheels direct from their own website to individual customers. They are also investigating selling them via a small number of bike dealers in the UK and elsewhere who have a particular interest in commuter and folding bikes.
  • From 2014 they will be looking at larger distribution opportunities in the UK and abroad.

Kickstarter funding for Loopwheels prototypeSam Pearce, Inventor, Jelly Products commented, "The last month has been amazing. I knew my wheel was good, but the support and enthusiasm from people all over the world has been incredible. Now I'm looking forward to getting production up and running, and I've already been talking to Tim and Julian at Plunkett Associates about the tooling that we need. This is more familiar territory to me than doing media interviews!

I've also been contacted by people who have a need for in-wheel suspension on products other than bicycles. There are some really passionate enthusiasts for particular sports. So who knows, soon we may see loopwheels on recumbent trikes, trailers and even perhaps unicycles..."

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