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It’s official, Julian is certified!

We’ve had our concerns about him for a while, but we’ve now seen the certificate that proves it – Julian, our very own design data expert, is certified. A Certified SolidWorks Professional.

SolidWorks professional Julian WoosterWhat does that mean? Well it means the clever fellow passed his three ‘CSWP’ exams (with flying colours!) proving that he’s a “highly competent professional in the use of SolidWorks.” SolidWorks being our 3D CAD software of choice.

The qualification establishes the industry standard by which SolidWorks professionals are evaluated. You’re not obliged to take the exam, but by doing so it proves that not only are you highly competent, but you’re committed to learning how to get the best out of the software. And for the record, it’s not a simple multiple choice test, it involves plenty of study and preparation as candidates are tested against the clock.

Solidworks CAD software professionalsWe asked Julian why he thought it was important to get the qualification. He said,

It demonstrates that I am able to get the best out of the software and can provide our clients with a better solution when it comes to designing and modeling parts. It shows that as an organisation we’re committed to training and development; providing the best service we can to our clients – plus I like a challenge!

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