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It's a boy!!

You may remember that back in the summer we took on our first Universal Robot to support the automated packaging system in our growing Injection Moulding Unit...

Robbie the RobotIn the spirit of the modern age, we put out a plea for a name suggestion for our non gender specific new recruit!

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond and you certainly made us chuckle - there were some fabulous ideas!

Sci Fi film classics

Some of the sci fi film classics were top of the list for many of you, with your favourite robots making an appearance as name suggestions…Johnny from Short Circuit, Robbie the Robot from the 1956 original Forbidden Planet etc.Johnny from Short Circuit

Our little chap, or as someone put forward, our little Adeptoid, (very cute!) is a Universal Robot e-series, so another proposal was URE (pronounced Urie) – very clever!

However, the winning name has been chosen! So imagine the drum roll whilst we announce the name for our very own R2-D2…. 

Please welcome to Plunkett Associates...R2-D2

We would like to introduce you to a highly valued member of the team, and please note, unlike the original version he works without coffee(!)

Please welcome to Plunkett Associates…… TIM2.0.

Congratulations to the winner – you know who you are!

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