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Have you re-evaluated your manufacturing process?

The uncertainties of Brexit followed by the current Coronavirus pandemic has shaken businesses across the country.

As a result, we are finding many companies are using this time as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they are conducting their manufacturing. UK manufacturing options

It is imperative that businesses have full confidence in the reliability of their supply chain, and as a result of the global situation we find ourselves in today and the levels of uncertainty over the future, many companies are considering alternative options to tooling and manufacturing in the Far East. 

UK manufacturing is financially viable

Costs will always play a major part in production decisions and whereas the Far East always used to be a slam dunk when it came to price point, fluctuating exchange rates, increased shipping costs plus rising labour costs are all added contributing factors to companies considering either 

a) bringing existing tooling back to the UK, or 
b) having new tools made by British toolmakers.

Our aim is always to be competitive, and moreover we’d like to think that peace of mind and an experienced local service is just as, if not more important in the current climate, making UK manufacturing a genuinely feasible option to consider right now.

UK manufacturing has the expertise and capacity

In addition, Plunkett Associates can provide the ability to supply and maintain flexible production quantities, plus the expertise and capacity to run a variety of tools from hand loaded aluminium development tools, to fully automatic production steel tooling, all in a wide variety of materials.Tooling & Moulding

UK manufacturing puts you back in the driving seat

At the end of the day, manufacturing in the UK can bring huge advantages and quite simply can put you back in control and back in the driving seat.  Additional benefits to consider can be shorter lead times, lower minimum order quantities, faster problem resolution and easier quality control management.

Adept Precision, along with Plunkett Associates management, are well qualified to help you. We have a track record of optimising tooling solutions to meet specific requirements with regards to quantities, geometries and speed from low volumes to hundreds of thousands.

To discuss reshoring your tool or the feasibility of having your production requirements set up in the UK, get in touch today and we will be happy to talk through the options. 

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