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Happy 10th Anniversary!

How it all started… 10 years ago Plunkett Associates was born in a back room in a small Gloucestershire village.

Having seen previous companies grow to be large commercial enterprises, the aim this time was to stay ‘small’. By small, Tim was proposing to keep the company in house as a less complicated ‘one man band’ operation.

We are still small, but we all know it’s not in Tim’s nature to stay still for very long! 10 years on, Plunkett Associates is now operating out of a professional office suite and consists of 7 full time staff! 

The philosophies that Tim first started out with remain true today with customer service being the key to Plunkett Associates success. This, alongside outstanding knowledge and a vast supply base allows us to provide the best manufacturing solutions for clients.

And so we wanted to say thank you!

In celebration we had a special logo designed (many thanks to Russell Beard at Square Banana) and then we ordered cakes!! Hopefully those of you who have had chance to sample them enjoyed them – and if you haven’t yet, don’t worry there will be plenty more opportunities to do so.

We thought 10 years of service was definitely cause to celebrate, and that of course meant a party! Tim, for once, was kept totally in the dark, a pretty amazing feat considering we held it in our own offices! The fact was this really was the only option; we knew that if we’d tried to drag him away he would only have worried that the phones were ringing or that he should be checking his emails!Plunkett Associates party

The years have flown by and the changes within the industry have been mind blowing.  We love the diversity and challenges that every project brings and would like to thank everyone for the support we have received along the way; from clients who repeatedly put their trust in us, to our exceptional supply base who again and again manage to produce the ‘impossible’ when we ask.

So, we invite you all; please join us as we look forward to embracing the next 10 years!

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