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100,000 PPE visors for NHS and Healthcare workers.

It’s been just 2 weeks since we first started supplying PPE visors to our client, Resource-12, and we are delighted to report that, to date, we have shipped 100,000 for distribution across the Healthcare sector.

Resource-12 has manufactured the face visors in accordance with BS EN 166:2002 for supply to the NHS/healthcare workers.

Initially our toolroom produced 2 aluminium single cavity tools to get things up and running, followed by a double cavity steel tool which was brought online last week.

With 3 tools in the presses, our mould shop has been busy! Running 24/7 has allowed time for a couple of mods to the tools and means going forwards we have the potential for up to 16,000 parts a day, circa 100,000 a week.PPE face visors

Those of you who know us, know that we are used to tight timescales and getting things done above and beyond the ‘norm’!

However, to have achieved these quantities in these timescales with the current COVID-19 restrictions has been something of a different challenge! 

It’s been a huge team effort and we are grateful to everyone who has been involved in making it happen.

Please contact us (or Resource 12) if we can be of service, or, if you or someone you know is looking to source PPE visors. We will be happy to help. 

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