Virtual Prototyping

Virtual Prototyping

Long gone are the days when we could believe our eyes. Today we see films, pictures and even YouTube clips that have been digitally altered to create scenes that are fictitious or just plain fanciful.

Virtual prototyping

It will be no surprise then that we can use this technology in product development. We can use our 3D designs and place them in pictures, render them and leave the viewer asking what is real and what is not?

A virtual product is a powerful marketing tool

The power of this is clear, one can create the impression of a product yet actually have nothing more than data. For anyone involved in marketing this is a dream come true. The ability to accrue market feedback through virtual product placement or to create promotional material without having to wait for physical product is a valuable tool.Plunkett Associates Virtual Prototyping

Yet it is important not to underestimate the work that must go into preparing such images; the more detail that is included, the more realistic the image. This is where Plunkett Associates can help.

Whilst this uses the source data from the CAD modelling, we seldom model all the features that rendering will require.

High levels of detail achievable

Plunkett Associates Virtual PrototypingDisplays will need to display images; buttons will need symbols; wiring or cable looms will need to be present; connectors/bolts/nuts will all be required.

That said there are many levels that this can be taken to, not everyone needs a Rembrandt to achieve their goals! It may be that rendering the CAD model in isolation from the surroundings is sufficient to communicate the concept. Whatever your need, we are here to accomodate your project requirements.

Plunkett Associates virtual prototypingAn example of this would be the use of different textures in a design. As a solid model, the surfaces would look uniform and bland. Applying texture and correctly lighting the part can bring the true design to life. This can then be used to compare different options or finishes both in engineering and marketing arenas.

Bringing designs to life

As is often the case, the number of options and sophistication needed varies substantially case by case. The best suggestion is to contact us and we can discuss the options, the timescales and how we can help you proceed with your project.