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We'd like to introduce Clive...

Clive Underwood’s first day with us seems an awfully long time ago; in fact I’d even go so far as to say it feels like he has always been here, as he has become, in the nicest possible way, very much part of the furniture!

It has, in fact, only actually been three months since Clive first pulled up his chair and took up his desk in the Plunkett Associates office. 

His role with us is as a Project Engineer, where his knowledge as a highly experienced toolmaker is already being put to good use liaising with clients and suppliers regarding Tooling and Moulding projects. 

When I asked Clive what he has enjoyed so far about being here he had the following to say: 

“Coming from a larger engineering environment I enjoy working for Plunkett Associates where I feel you can pay more attention to detail and work on a more personal level building good relationships with not only your co-workers but clients and suppliers as well.

I especially enjoy being hands on and being able to follow a project all the way through from original concept to manufacture and supply of product to the client.

However, it has been the prototyping side of things for me that has been particularly interesting to see; the diverse scope of the projects and individual challenges that come through the door definitely keeps every day exciting!”

Clive UnderwoodWith 25+ years experience in tool making, we know Clive misses being able to just jump onto a machine and fabricate whatever might be required; being more office based now, the only machine Clive gets to put his hands on these days is his MAC!

His practical knowledge and vast experience of the tooling industry stands him and his clients in very good stead, and he can often be found down with one of our more local suppliers chatting through potential solutions for projects and at the same time getting a daily dose of machine medicine!

So for future tooling and moulding requirements please give Clive (or any of the rest of the team) a call – we will be very happy to help.

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