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Latest News! 3D Printed bridge in Amsterdam to complete June 2018

MX3D have reveiled the addition of a sensor system that will monitor the “health” of the 3D printed bridge to help ensure it's long-term performance.

We've been keeping an eye on MX3D's 3D Printed bridge in Amsterdam reporting over 2 years ago when construction first began. They have now reveiled further developments; a sensor system has been designed which is being incorporated into the 3D printing of the steel bridge.

3D Printed bridge

According to, a digital twin will provide insights into the performance of the 3D printed bridge, and will even allow the engineers to carry out weather and strain simulations to predict how the real bridge will perform under certain conditions. 

What is particularly exciting is that the data will be made completely open, allowing researchers around the world to examine the performance of the bridge in their own way. 3D Printed steel bridge

The analysis of the data collected from the structure of the bridge should give MX3D's team of engineers an idea of how well the bridge is wearing and help reduce the need for costly physical inspections in years to come.

We just can't wait to see the bridge finally in place... Amsterdam is the place to be and June 2018 is the time to be there!

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