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Spectacular Bridges and Engineering Genius!

Three years ago we reported that work had started on the world’s first 3D printed steel bridge by Dutch company, MX3D...

The 12 metre long pedestrian bridge was due to be installed across a canal in Amsterdam in June 2018, however although it is fully printed, they are still undergoing safety tests and waiting for permits which means a wait now until next summer.First 3D printed steel bridge

To give us a taste of what is to come, MX3D showcased the bridge last month at Dutch Design Week and were delighted to received much acclaim. Images of the bridge can be seen courtesy of, and we can’t help but marvel how far technology has come.

Recently The Independent did a feature on the ‘World’s 10 Most Incredible Bridges’. These included the world’s longest, found in China, and the world’s tallest in France. All 10 bridges, some of which are better known than others, are nothing short, quite simply, of engineering genius. Golden Gate Bridge

Take a moment to sit back, relax and marvel…the engineering is incredible!

And so, as time and technology marches on, we wonder how long it will be before we might be able to add the World’s first 3D printed steel bridge to that Top 10 list…?

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