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SolidWorks 2017 Launch Event

Best known as the athlete who finished the 400m semi-final at the Barcelona Olympics with his father beside him, after tearing his hamstring halfway down the track; Derek Redmond was the motivational guest speaker at the Solidworks Main Launch Event in Warwick this year - and he certainly inspired.

Derek RedmanHe talked the audience through the win at the 1991 World Athletics Championships for the British 4 x 400m relay team, where he ran the 2nd leg, and how it was that they managed to beat the team from the USA who were significantly faster on paper.

He then followed through describing the fateful race at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, which pretty much ended his athletic career.

The overriding essence that came across was how, despite the injuries that plagued his career, Derek Redmond was never one to give up. In fact he told us categorically that ‘There are no problems, only challenges’.

In fact, even after his consultant told him that he would never compete for his country again, he went on to play basketball for England and narrowly missed out on being selected to play for an England Rugby 7’s cap too… Determination and perseverance at it’s highest.

Redmond spoke mostly about the relay and how they came to win. They certainly weren’t the fastest 4 and should not have won BUT their belief and determination to win, alongside their ability to listen to each other as team mates and be open to change is what he believes made the difference that day.

To cut a long story short, they changed the order of who should, according to tradition, have run which leg of the race. At the time, this was a pretty radical thing to propose, let alone do, but today, it happens all the time on the track!Derek Redman

As Redmond stated, ‘What may seem crazy today, may be the norm tomorrow’. His advice to the audience was, if you have reason to believe your idea can work – be positive, share it and hopefully with colleague support you will have the opportunity to give it a go.

Speaking to a room full of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers and CAD users, Derek Redman’s pitch was pretty much spot on! The audience had already been enthused by the SolidWorks conference and the potential the software can offer, and were ready to be inspired.

And so, as we left the auditorium to head back to our respective workplaces, the majority of us were certainly emotionally moved. I for one was energised, and definitely excited about getting back to work!

Our thanks to Solid Solutions and Cadtek for a superb event.

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