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How hard is soft? Plunkett's offer a new service!

Specifying a flexible part raises the immediate question of hardness, great if you can specify this, a problem if you can’t!

Durometer...Plunkett Associates to the rescue!

We have a durometer in the office, so if you have a sample and send it to us, we are quite happy to measure it, supply a quote and return the sample with the prototypes.

We appreciate specifying your requirement is the most difficult phase, especially early in the prototyping stage, and are here to help. 

There is nothing worse than waiting several days for parts, to conclude within a couple of minutes that a harder or softer grade is required.

If 3D Printing, it is often significantly cheaper to run multiple hardness’s at the same time, ie bracket the target hardness, remembering that most figures quoted are ±5 points on the Shore A scale.

With PU castings this can also be done, as there is negligible impact on the tooling. Unfortunately the cost benefits of doing this with 3D printing do not apply. Still, ordering a couple of extra parts either side of the predicted hardness, can be very effective and a good insurance policy!

PU parts and 3D printed parts can all offer a range of hardness’s. PU is typically available from around 35 - 90 Shore A and 3D printing from 27 Shore A upwards.

So easy!

(Please note this is a courtesy, advisory service only and will not be conducted under clinical lab conditions).

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