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Plunkett's 15 year journey!

Did you know, although Plunkett Associates has been going for 15 years, Tim has over 30 years’ experience of professional prototyping?!

We'd like to think that after this length of time, we've been around long enough to prove that we know what we're doing - and that we do it well!

Having accumulated a wealth of experience along the way, continually growing to service clients needs, we remain personally interested in your projects and are experts at your service.

With things being as they are right now, sadly we're not able to have our usual open door policy and meetings are tending to be virtual ones, with all the challenges those bring!

However, that's not to say we're not here to help, and after all, where there's a will there is always a way - and solutions are what we are about, after all. Our answer is a short video tour where we bring Plunkett Associates to you!

Celebrating 15 years!Before you watch, please let us tell you our story... Over the last 15 years we have grown enormously and have taken on additional units when we have been able, to accommodate the ever increasing number of machines!

Space has now become a premium (we are literally at bursting point!) and we are now actively looking for larger premises in order that we can continue to service client requirements as efficiently as possible. 

We can't wait, and are so looking forward to exciting times ahead - and fingers crossed, the chance of more machines!!

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