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We were delighted to take delivery of another Fanuc CNC machine recently, this time with 4 axis capability.

Fanuc 4 axis cnc machineIt was a cold winter's morning but we were delighted to see our new 4 axis Fanuc CNC machine arrive! We continually strive to provide clients with the highest quality service for all manufacturing needs and it is imperative for us to ensure that client’s expectations are being exceeded wherever possible. 

One of the main ways that we endeavour to achieve this is through management of our supplier network, including our own sister company, Adept Precision.This enables us to be reactive to client enquiries, and actively responsive in getting parts made quickly for clients with time constraints. 

Adept's 3 axis machines are ideally suited to prototype and low volume batch work and with a wide range of capabilities, we are happy to tackle complex parts as well as tooling in most grades of aluminium.

With the addition of the 4 axis Fanuc we have the added advantage of being able to speed up the process as we avoid the need to manually reset the machine. With the assistance of our cobot we are also able to run lights out shifts and support much higher production quantities too.CNC production with cobot assistance

To find out more about our CNC capabilities, take a look at our article, 'What are our cnc machining capabilities?' And if we can't help you, don't worry, we'll know someone else who can. 

For all CNC requirements please get in touch with our main office and we will be happy to help. 

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