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OLO – the first smartphone 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter

OLO are more than half way through their 30 day induction where they were hoping to raise $80,000 to allow them to get production underway.

Some of you will remember the eora 3D scanner. Their Kickstarter campaign, like OLO, aimed to raise $80,000. They made worldwide headlines when they smashed this, with a final backing to the value of just under $600,000.

If you think that was staggering, the OLO is currently sitting, at time of writing, at a staggering $2,103,520 – and there are still 9 days to go!

In a nutshell, the OLO is marketed as:

“The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer. At $99. Portable and multimaterial works accurately for professionals and easy for new users.”

“OLO can be used by anyone, even an absolute beginner. Launch your first 3D object print in 10 minutes.”OLO 3D Printer

It was over 6 months ago when we first discussed Gartner’s “Hype Curve for emerging technologies” report and looked at the position of 3D printing on their infamous life cycle curve.

At $99, the target market for this portable 3D printer is enormous, as individuals can finally begin to afford a way into the technology.

2 years ago, we looked at the Gartner report which predicted that 3D printers would not become commonplace in households until at least 2019. In the report, it highlighted that the public, although very aware of the capabilities of home 3D printers, are finding the costs still too high to justify – the OLO 3D printer may well have just blown this out of the water.

Across society, people have become more and more aware of 3D printing and have been crying out to have the ability as individuals to take control of their own printers, both in business and within the home. Maybe the OLO has hit the market at just the right time? See more on their website here.


Wed 20th April 2016

The OLO Kickstarter campaign finished with a final total of $2,321,811.

This makes OLO the 5th most successful 3D printer on kickstarter.

They follow:

#1 M3D           $3,401,361  11,855 backers  05/2014

#2 Tiko            $2,950,874  16 538 backers  04/2015

#3 Form 1       $2,945,885  2,068 backers  10/2012

#4 3Doodler  $2,344,135  26,457 backers 03/2013

#5 OLO            $2,321,811  16,180  backers 04/2016


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