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New Software offers a secure design solution for 3D Printing

Tamper proof software allows greater consisitency for Additive Manufacturing.

Grow Software UK, based in London, has developed a software for use within Additive Manufacturing, ensuring the safety and security during the transfer of data, and have recently received a US patent for it.

According to Grow, “A 3D model and its machine process instructions are combined to create an Additive design file, containing all information needed to manufacture the model. This Additive design file is encrypted and can be transferred to the manufacturing location. Without allowing access to the design file, the build location is authorised and the model with its manufacture instructions are transmitted directly to the Additive machine, exactly as the designer intended.”Grow's Software

This means there won’t be the opportunity for any third parties to access product geometries or intervene with the original design at any stage.

The impact this could have on industries such as aerospace and defence, where security is a major concern, could be enormous, opening up additive manufacturing avenues that just weren’t an option before.

Additionally, healthcare companies often use data for parts that, due to their minute size, are particularly sensitive to changes that may occur accidentally during file transfers. Grow’s latest software could now allow new opportunities for additive processes without the need for the high levels of quality assurance that currently have to be considered.

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