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New! 3D printing silicone material from Keyence

It was back in the summer when the Munich based firm, Wacker, unveiled their plans for the launch of the first industrial 3D printer that would allow 3D printed silicone. Now, Keyence, another company from Germany, have announced their latest silicone material developments.

Keyance 3D printerKeyance plan to exhibit at Euromold in Munich and Wacker will be showcasing their printer at the K 2016 Trade Fair, also in Germany, both later this month. report, “Of course, very flexible silicone-like materials have been adapted for 3D printing before, but actual silicone have been generally difficult to 3D print with due to its very soft, rubber-like qualities.”

“Unlike other supposedly 3D printable silicone materials, which they call ‘rubbery elastomers’, Keyence have been able to achieve environmental resistance and shape retention properties that are very comparable to conventional silicone.”Wacker 3D printed silicone

To be able to 3D print directly in silicone is an interesting development, especially for anyone interested in impact absorption as it opens up the potential to build 3D lattice structures directly.

Also, at TCT were the first indications that Carbon have plans in the same area with teasers indicating silicone and epoxy are coming to their system.3d Printed Silicone

As flexible parts have long been a prototyping challenge, especially if targeting more durable materials than Objet can handle, this is good news. We will bring you more as soon as we have it…..

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