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Michelin release their vision for the future

3D Printed and airless…will this be the end of the tyre as we know it?

3D Printed tyreA puncture proof, airless, 3D printed tyre made from recycled materials, with tread that can be re printed to suit the weather conditions and will last the lifetime of your car. This is Michelin’s aim for the future of tyres…

Crazy or realistic? Whatever you think, it has to make us question, are we just playing with additive manufacturing now? Has it become the ‘thing to do’ or is there real value in this pursuit?

Michelin, obviously believe there is real mileage in it (excuse the pun!):

“Imagine that you don't have to worry any more about keeping your loved ones safe when you travel, because road conditions and bad weather don't matter any more,” Michelin says. “Your tread instantly adjusts to your driving conditions, whenever necessary, using just the right amount of materials. A tread that can be modified and replenished at will, without wasting any resources, time or money, and which protects the environment for the generations to come.”3D Printed tyre

We know 3D Printing has come a long way in recent years but are we quite ready to take the plunge in the 3rd lane of our motorways… or will we be left behind if we don’t?

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