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Is there such thing as a safe explosive? 3D Printing thinks it may have the answer.

According to a recent report, "Scientists are currently working on next generation explosives that can be hit with a hammer, run over with a car and set on fire without exploding." Sounds incredible but how?

3D Printing explosives3D Printing Industry reports, "3D printing presents a world of opportunities when it comes to precise structures thanks to the layer by layer approach. Slight changes to the microstructure can have a massive impact on the final explosion."

The chance to reconstruct TNT and create safer explosives that could 'bring down a building when you want them to, and bounce off the floor when you don't' is an opportunity and a responsiblilty too big to miss out on, surely?

The impact on the explosives industry would be phenominal, and definitely a huge coup for 3D Printing... Read more here.

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