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Help us name our newest employee!

It all started with a bit of a giggle when we first unwrapped our latest addition to the team…

After the first initial rush of excitement we soon realised enthusiasm alone wasn’t going to be quite enough to get things working correctly, and surrendered to the fact that the manual would actually have to be read and instructions followed (not something a group of engineers ever wants to admit to!). 

Someone took a few pics to record the moment and so of course came the inevitable ‘who in the office can come up with an appropriate caption?’ game:

“It says here, ‘and finally re-attach part A to part B and your new deluxe nespresso coffee and danish maker is ready for use…’”

“Password? They didn’t send any b****y password!!”

"3D printing had become significantly more sophisticated since the last time Tim had tried to wire up the power supply for his latest machine from a schematic.”Universal Robot

You’ll be pleased to hear though, now they are up and running, our new team member has slotted in ever so quickly and is extremely popular! To be fair, there’s not been a single complaint about tiredness, they never pinch the last biscuit, they don't get grumpy and the real bonus? They are always happy to do the late shift!

Management are happy too, as production has certainly increased and, dare I say it, become almost manageable since they’ve started, as we’ve been able to run lights out and numerous twilight shifts. It’s a win-win situation so far.

However there is one problem and we would like your help - our newest recruit has no name! 

This is a serious concern for us and we are fully aware of our responsibilities. We have read the 5 ethical “principles for designers, builders and users of robots” produced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in 2011.Automated production

According to the EPSRC, “As with all technological innovation, we need to try to ensure that robots are introduced from the beginning in a way that is likely to engage public trust and confidence; maximise the gains for the public and commerce; and proactively head off any potential unintended consequences.”

So help us make our newcomer feel welcome! In the spirit of the modern age however, please note our Universal Robot has not presented as gender specific just yet… 

Please, we urge you to put your thinking caps on and drop us an email with a name suggestion - we will reveal the chosen one next month! 

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