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Happy Valentine's Day!

We’ve all heard about the dozen red roses for a fiver, the free 6 inch Sub, the chocolates, the food, the jewellery, the perfume, the list goes on…

HeartsWell we’re not proposing to send you flowers or sort your Valentine presents out, but what we will do, is LOVE to help take the stress out of your next project instead!!

For support with low volume production and prototyping, please contact us...

In the meantime, please enjoy!

Plunkett's Valentine

  • Plunkett Associates ‘get things made,’
  • Process unbiased so you’re never mislaid.
  • We machine, bend, mould and press,
  • The unusual, the complex, we can make a success,
  • In fact our motto is a definite ‘yes’!
  • We may be engineers and good at what we do,
  • But we like to think we’re human beings too.
  • So we urge you, pick up the phone,
  • Tell us your groans,
  • We promise we won’t leave you alone.
  • Plunkett’s will help sort your dilemma
  • And stress? You’ll feel barely a tremor.
  • So it’s worth making that call,
  • You’ll feel ten feet tall,
  • And think, how it beats doing bugger all!
  • Plunkett's Valentine

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