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Happy Birthday Plunkett Associates!

13 years - unlucky for some but not for us…

Happy Birthday Plunkett Associates!How time flies when you’re having fun…and it really is true! We have worked hard over the last 13 years to service our client’s needs effectively, efficiently and with a smile :)

For us it’s been really important to hold onto and retain our ‘small company feel’ at the same time as developing and progressing the business. Our aim has not been necessarily to grow in number but to grow in depth. This means we are able to adapt without constraint, providing flexibility within our services to fulfil customer requirements whatever the challenges!

The formation of Adept Precision 2 years ago was a recent ‘adaptation’, which began when Tim Plunkett identified a change in customer requirements after the Brexit vote. 

The demand for short lead times on competitively priced development short run tooling, and the ability to make parts in production materials had increased massively and finally prompted the formation of Gloucester based Adept Precision in 2016.Adept Precision

This was a brave move in an uncertain climate, and at the beginning a Fanuc CNC machine and operator were enough to get things started. It wasn’t long however before two injection moulding machines (80 and 120 tonne) followed, and with the support of an experienced moulder the low volume moulding operation was soon up and running.Plunkett Associates

Less than a year on and things were progressing quickly. With the opportunity of further premises, two more injection moulding machines arrived, this time 40 and 100 tonne, to help with existing clients rising requirements. 

6 months later and the CNC side of the operation needed more capacity to keep up with the demand for tooling. A new machinist and toolmaker were welcomed into the team, quickly followed by a Hurco CNC machine. 

And so, 13 years down the track… how else could we celebrate (obviously a cake was a must!) except with another new machine?! This time it was a brand new Hurco, and with that a complete reorganization of the workshops… As is the Plunkett way, if a job’s worth doing - as a bare minimum we do it properly and more often than not, it’s likely to be above and beyond! 

Plunkett Associates 13th birthdayAdept now has a fully operational machine shop and mould room to be proud of, and Plunkett Associates clients retain access to the highly valued, customised supplier base they’ve been used to, but now also have the option of specialised UK CNC and moulding services if required. 

So where will Adept Precision and Plunkett Associates go from here? Flexibity to service current requirements in a forever changing industry has always been a priority for Plunkett’s, and who can really predict that? One thing we can be sure of though, is it’s highly unlikely we will be staying still for very long!

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