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Formnext Review

Big show, massive stands…. and not just HP this time!

FormnextWhilst the dominant theme had to be additive metal parts there were some new players who had clearly set their sights on very different price points.3D printed silicone

Combine this with some of the fundamental patents falling away at the end of the year and I believe we will shortly see an avalanche of new players, and the metal market segmenting.Lattice Structures

For those of whom temperature is a problem and welcomed EOS launching PEAK a few years back, only to find the price point was off the scale, there was a solution for smaller parts.

If size is an issue, we saw…….well that was part of the problem, we could not see, but were assured that spec was actually a lattice structure! Unbelievably small parts.3D printed motorbike

Bikes everywhere, and more and more robots. Bigger parts with the robot providing the scale or reach and also for automating the loading/unlading and cleaning of parts.

An exciting show and good to see some really new stuff.

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