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Dutch students 3D print a stainless steel 'Arc Bicycle'

Remember MX3D? The Dutch start up company we reported on last year, who are currently building a bridge over an Amsterdam canal using a robotic 3D printing technology? Well, they've been busy again!

In addition to their bridge project, over the last few months, MX3D have also been assisting a group of students from the Technical University Delft, to 3D print a fully functional arc bicycle frame from stainless steel using the same technology.

The Arc Bicycle is the first metal bike produced using a 3D printing and welding process and is the result of a 3-month research project for the 5 students.

WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology involves using robotic arms to 3D print the metal in mid-air so doing without the need for support structures so allowing large scale objects to be formed.

It’s exciting to see this technology growing and being explored further. As one of the students commented, “It was important for us to design a functional object that people use everyday. A bicycle frame is a good test for the technology because of the complex forces involved.”

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