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Airless, puncture proof bicycle tyres – 3d Printed of course!

We reported some time back on Michelin’s proposed 3D printed airless tyres, well they’re not the only ones who have been looking into 3D printing tyres...

BigRep 3D Printed bicycle tyresFollowing in Michelin's footsteps, BigRep have been road testing their 3D printed flexible bicycle tyres in Berlin, Germany recently.

This latest tyre is the work of designer Marco Mattia Cristofori, and according to BigRep, the prototype tyre is primarily intended to showcase the potential of their new new Pro Flex filament. 

The material is based on TPU, and its flexible nature makes it perfect for the puncture free tyre, however according to 3D Printing Industry, BigRep are adamant that the tyres won’t be available for large-scale production.3D Printed flexible tyres

The thought process is that by 3D Printing, tyres can be customized according to the weather or road conditions at the time leading to safer cycling.

It sounds a no brainer, but for some reason (we assume due to either exorbitant costs or ongoing safety testing), we still don’t have 3D Printed airless tyres in production yet, however we have to hope, it won’t be too much longer…

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