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Adept Precision's Toolroom - the last year...

Our dedicated CNC toolroom is proving very very popular!

Fanuc CNC machineSo how did it all come about? The formation of Adept Precision was brought about when we identified a growing customer demand, in some part prompted by the fall in exchange rates triggered by the Brexit vote 2 years ago. 

The demand for short lead times on competitively priced development tooling, plus the ability to make parts in production materials had increased massively and finally resulted in the formation of Gloucester based Adept Precision in 2016.

Never one to follow convention, the first machine through the door was a Fanuc CNC machine. Closely followed by a brave operator, software and all the associated kit to get things started. 

Our focus was to: 

  • provide a local UK source for tooling of outstanding quality and reliability, providing onsite trials that clients can be involved in.
  • be able to optimise the tooling for client requirements and quantities, through standardized bolsters, loose inserts etc.
  • support low volume tooling options through the use of tooling grade aluminium. 

CNC machiningThings progressed quickly and the CNC side of the operation soon needed more capacity to keep up with the demand. Adding staff led to the need for additional machining hardware and the Fanuc was supplemented with a Hurco CNC machine. 

A complete reorganisation of the workshops only a few months ago, gave us more space and the means to fit in a second  Hurco, increasing our machining capacity further.

So how have things developed over the last year? 

The demand for tooling has been steadily increasing and we now offer both steel and aluminium tools to address the customers needs. Tooling can also be outsourced in both the UK and the Far East when internal capacity falls short.CNC machining

As we continue to push the limits of what is possible, the combination of conversational programming and using the CAM system has offered  flexibility that ultimately benefits leadtimes.

In addition, the machined parts we are producing are now of much higher complexity, all credit to our highly specialized machinists and their skills. The speed of the Fanuc never ceases to amaze, chomping its way through batches of parts and happily running lights out. 

They are exciting times and in order to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service to our clients, our investment in tooling and auxiliaries is growing accordingly. What this means for the next 12 months, we will let you know as and when – the only thing we can tell you for certain is it will be big!

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